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Back to Back or Seclusion Room intercom

Counter intercom

Back to Back or Seclusion Room intercom

The back to back intercom consist of two stations, one being located in a room with either one call button or none and a second station with one or two buttons as the controlling station. The music interface allows the injection of music to the non-controlling station. These stations can be flush or surface mounted as shown.


Flush Mount StationSurface mount Station

The back to back intercom is suited to places where access to a room is restricted, such as operating theatres, clean rooms, seclusion rooms etc.

Standard Features:

  • Surface or flush mount

  • Built-in electret microphone

  • Speaker

  • In call LED

  • Frontplate available in stainless steel or corian

  • Wide input voltage of 18-36VDC

  • Three pair telephony or one CAT5 cable between stations

Stereo Music Interface
Interface to Hearing Aid amplifier
Two potential free relay switchover contacts
Fibre optic audio connection between stations instead of copper


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Counter intercom


Counter Intercom

The intercom is suited to places where communication through glass security screens is required, such as Banks, Railway stations, Prison visitor area etc. Further applications are X-ray rooms and CT rooms so that staff will not be exposed to radiation, but is still able to communicate to the patient.

Standard Features:

  • Simplex or Duplex unit available

  • See datasheet for further information

Datasheet: counterintercom.pdf

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